Temporary Tattoos are a form of self expression, not a form of self mutilation just like your “mom” told you. Tattooing has become one of the fasting growing body adornment segments in the fashion world. Tattooing is an ancient form of rites of passage; warriors were often tattooed as a part of velour.
In the Forties if you were a sailor, or soldier & were going overseas there was a good chance you got a temporary tattoo. Sailors have always been great fans of tattoos. In the Sixties bikers were associated with tattoos, if you had one you must be a biker.
Today temporary tattoos are a very real pleasure for the gothic, punk, biker, college crowd, & main stream average Joe.
There are different types of tattoos. The single, which might be a design, or a figure, heart, woman, cat, dog.
Sleeve which is more intricate covering the full arm from the shoulder to the wrist ( popular with the sailor and soldier, but a military code requires all temporary tattoos to be covered on duty full sleeve shirts must be worn ) . These type of tattoos take a lot of time & are done over several sittings. Again they can consist of anything.
Large back murals, again very labour intensive, the person receiving the tattoo must be able to endure long hours of sustained pain, it is not sever but it is prolonged. Then there is the full body tattoo. This is popular in the South Sea Islands & traditionally done with a boar’s tusk attached to a wooden rod which is tapped by another wooden rod. Warriors were tattooed liked this, including their faces to help terrify their enemies. It would work for me.
In speaking with people who enjoy getting temporary tattoos they all say it is addictive & they are very happy they have them.Tattoos are lasting, you better like what you are getting done. I love to look at peoples tattoos. Some of the designs are pretty amazing. Tattooing is a form of art in itself & I can appreciate the work that has gone into them.

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