Henna is a dye derived from a flower plant used to dye hair, wool & also used for Mehndi design art. The Henna plant has various functions and is widely used for different traditions such as a ceremonial art for weddings, body decoration and mummification of our ancestors from Egypt, India, Africa, and Middle East. These traditions & practices may vary from different set of cultural diversity and regions of origin.

It is believed that henna has a natural healing property that our ancient ancestors have used for the past several years. Henna application is beneficial for medical interventions to aid in a therapeutic way in headaches, ulcer, sores, burns, & skin diseases. Application of human made paste henna to the skin provides a cooling effect action that helps protect skin certain bacteria & fungi.
Henna can also be used for hair dye. Aside from its healing capabilities, henna is also great for scalp treatment and colouring hair. It is an all natural dye colour that is very gentle & safe to use for the hair. Henna also aids in hair growth and comes as a great source of hair conditioner that strengthens the hair roots and gives radiance & shine.
Henna used for body art. Henna tattoos are a widely used body art since the ancient times for different vast cultures & ceremonies. During the ancient times, applying henna in different designs can convey different meanings or implications in various tribes. Our ancestors had paved a way wherein we can enjoy and use their cultural heritage by decorating & creating artistic body art during this modern era. The design patterns could give a sign of good fertility, health, luck, wisdom, good harvest & spiritual enlightenment. It is also a way of decorative cosmetics for men and women for their body to be attractive. Having a henna body tattoo became popular in the modern age. It is a great way of expressing one’s individuality and personality in having their bodies painted.
The main advantage of henna is that you can have a portion of your body painted with having an actually permanent tattoo. It may take a few to take off depending on the width and amount of gray henna is used. Henna body tattoos are a very attractive and cool body artwork to wear & flaunt. The designs can range from small; simple to large and mystical that is pleasing in the eye.

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